BOLOGNA. DECIDING TO BE HAPPY IS ALWAYS A GOOD DECISION. One of the most important things of life begins with T. T as in time - time to travel, for friends, a celebration for no reason, chocolate, pasta or love. T for joie de vivre, which is the way and not a destination. Our Bologna I, which represents a charismtic delicacy and sportiness, is therefore not a trophy, but the perfect companion for the big moments in life.

STUTTGART. SOMETIMES YOU MEET HAPPINESS WHERE YOU MOST SUSPECTED IT TO BE. If we dedicate a plainly captivating watch to Stuttgart, that has a lot to do with identification. With the roots of the Bruno Söhnle brand, with an attitude which is short on ballyhoo but not on future prospects, with a deeply anchored knowledge of substantial quality. And with the conviction that possibilities can become reality.

SALARA. THE HEAD HAS A PLAN, THE HEART A STORY. Common sense versus feeling, logic versus intuition - it's the classic overwhelming dilemma that we all constantly have to face. So what to listen to? An overwhelmingly classic companion helps: simple, feminine purism plus a dial with a number structure. A constant reminder to try it "with" instead of "against".

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Discover new highlights with assertive aesthetics, new refined elegance and innovative technical details – discover our new limited edition and celebrate with us our 20th aniversary.

Authentically discover best times #BestTimeOfMyLife


The best times of your life are those moments that you will never forget. You will remember them forever. It is the time for enjoying things, perceiving beauty and bestowing special attention on unusual things. Watches measure time. They give a completely different meaning to time and thus to those wonderful moments. They tell us when great things have entered our minds; they tell us for how long we may linger in these moments. #BestTimeOfMyLife

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