‚Morning‘ and ‚Aye‘ are stand-alone sentences with subject, predicate, object. Anything, but no knick-knacking, so the northern light-clear attitude of the Hamburg citizens. It is this charged relationship of dominated Hanseatic and agile sophistication that characterizes this watch series as well. With arabic numerals, the automatic version with railway-style minute-circle. #BestTimeOfMyLife

For Germany’s gateway to the world a watch of the world: nordic classy, the new Hamburg series stands for a reduced formal expression and the understatement of Hanseatic cosmopolitans. Precise, cultured and clear, strict Arabic numbered. #BestTimeOfMyLife

Valuable pleasure of life. Pleasure in the beautiful that is always, celebrating the harmony of technical finesse, elegant aesthetics and sporty chic. So the date is capitalized and brought to the ever-inspiring moment. It’s the style of authentic way of living, it‘s timepiece pure. #BestTimeOfMyLife

Our new watches

Collection 2018

Discover new highlights with assertive aesthetics, new refined elegance and innovative technical details – discover our new "Hamburg" and "Padua" lines.

Independent and with a consistent style to ensure full integration in the Bruno Söhnle range.

Authentically discover best times #BestTimeOfMyLife


The best times of your life are those moments that you will never forget. You will remember them forever. It is the time for enjoying things, perceiving beauty and bestowing special attention on unusual things. Watches measure time. They give a completely different meaning to time and thus to those wonderful moments. They tell us when great things have entered our minds; they tell us for how long we may linger in these moments. #BestTimeOfMyLife

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